We are powered by dynamic permanent placement recruiters at our Global locations, our full-service recruiting experience use breakthrough proprietary recruitment strategies with built-in quality measures and on-boarding processes to recruit, assess, and qualify the right professionals for our client positions at every level. We use a constant approach to understand each specific need of the client and present candidates only with the most advanced technical and human skill sets in the marketplace.

With a high client satisfaction rate, Collabera is a trusted partner to all of our clientele now employing highly-skilled personnel we have proudly selected and presented to our clients.

At all the locations JC has strong recruiters who are wellversed with technology standards and working for Permanent placements with clients. They do posses a track record of placing good number of people in time to every year across India and other Global locations.

Full-service IT staffing capabilities, including All ERP,ADM, Data Warehousing and BI, , QA and Testing, Emergent Technologies (mobile, cloud, big data, social, portal, et al.)Temp -to-hire option so that you can “try before you buy,” giving you a risk-free evaluation period to assess the resources .we focus on building long term relationships with our clients by placing the resources at the precision time and accuracy

Staff Augmentation

JC IT is expert in industry, with over 3 years of experience servicing well known customers. We fulfill the IT talent demand-supply gap through an innovative, best-in-class recruiting engine, backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus resulting in over 75% of our clients ranking us in their top suppliers list by performance.


Whenever you need and whatever you need – resource ranging from single or a team of resources – thanks to our extensive database of candidates and rich experience in gathering the talent within no time, we will find you the right talent in a timely and cost-effective manner.


JC Offers Staff augmentation services, team services (T&M and SOW) and permanent placement models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives

Contract Staffing

The Outsource contract Delivery Model is flexibly designed to reduce labor costs while maintaining high quality standards. The foundation of the OCD Model is JCIT's strong commitment to deliver quality resources, the integration of world-class project management, methods and tools. Regardless of location we ensure consistency of process via global access to our knowledge Management System.

The management of blended onsite, offsite and offshore teams is integrated into JCIT's outsourcing methodology. Key to ultimate success is the consistency of the local onsite team, their strong partnership with clients and the lessons learned in managing people, processes and technologies in multiple locations. Because we are so confident in our ability to provide a flexible delivery and resource model that drives costs down for our clients and because JCIT's Outsource Delivery Model is so easily scalable we can take a subset of applications as a proof of concept and phase in new applications quickly.

Like all of our services, our delivery models are strategically designed to offer extreme value, rapid response and appropriate knowledge and skills for every client project or IT staff augmentation need. We invite you to explore these delivery models to find the one you feel is best suited to your needs.

When it comes to meeting your requirements, we will transcend all barriers and maintain a quality focus to successfully deliver results within the prescribed time and budget. Our delivery models are well-tested and proven over many projects and with numerous clients. We successfully develop world-class, robust, cost-effective products with unmatched technology and competence. We cater to the needs of our global clients, irrespective of technical, functional, linguistic, cultural or geographical diversity.

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